Frequently Asked Questions

This isn’t real Pro10! It should be unlimited motors, as fast as possible!

We’d like to see everything these cars can do too, but we mainly need racers in good numbers. Since Pro10 was last popular, technology has improved greatly, and even within these limitations, we expect the racing to be just as exciting.

The rules here should leave the cars fast enough to enjoy them and stretch their legs, without coming home with destroyed cars!

I have a 200mm World GT car, can I join the racing?

Yes! The rules only have a maximum width, just like in the days, which allows all sorts of things. The rules have been designed to be as inclusive as possible. If it generally looks like a 1/10 scale pan car, it’s quite probably fine.

This means a car complying with the BRCA GT10 rules can be raced, or if you’re visiting from the Netherlands, you might just be a set of tyres away from having a go with us!

I really like boosted.

So do we, race with us!

I prefer to keep it simple with blinky.

That’s fine too, come race!

I already have some 2S electronics, can I use them?

Absolutely, get that car on the track!

All the rest of my kit is 1S, can I run that?

For sure, as long as you’re joining the racing!

How can all of this be allowed to race together?

Many different electronics combinations are allowed, which we understand can provide different characteristics, but we try to keep them fairly similar over a lap, a bit like the “Balance of Performance” in full scale racing. It is understood that with such a “welcoming” set of rules, there might be advantages to certain cars in some situations (much like in full scale Le Mans Prototype racing!), but we aim to gather racers together for a fun time at the track!

Why restrict tyres?

This is part of an effort to keep things a bit simpler, using easily available tyres, and reducing how much kit is needed.

What do you mean by “Lola” body shells?

We mean the ultra-high downforce body shells that originated in nitro-powered racing, such as the Blitz TS02E. They usually feature extra-high rear spoiler and fins, the latter often extending very far forward, sometimes even to the front wings.

That does not mean that some “aggressive”, high downforce body shells designed for racing are not allowed. For example, the Protoform Swift-235, Corally Porsche 962 (78222), and Team Saxo TS02070.

Such loose rules can’t work, people will cheat!

We’re trying to keep it fun and simple, and not going to be crowning a national champion. Scrutineering should be simple, mainly keeping an eye on the motor/ESC/battery combination and minimum weight, which is already enough. We’re out to have fun, these are already very fast cars, cheaters are mainly cheating themselves.

If the class becomes big and serious enough that further rules are needed, that will be a great problem to have, and will be addressed at that time!

This seems interesting, but I don’t know…

If you’re interested, but see something putting you off, let us know, and we’ll try to make it right. Once more, the focus is on numbers, we need you for this to be good!